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xeraes ○ graphic journal of misha and tanya
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spreading desu (and icons) like no other ♥

the icon community of Misha and Tanya.

the iconers.
MISHA • commonly known as heartsalign on the great LJ, will make icons from the fandom she is in. She was the one who made this icon community in hoping that people will like her icons. She has this weird thing where every single iconpost have to contain Kingdom Hearts, to show her great big love for it. She is also the owner of r0x4s, her 100 icon challenge journal.
TANYA • is oblivion-0! Co-mod of this here place who usually updates once in a while. She's way too busy with roleplaying(and reading) that she clearly does not have the time to update. It consumes her life, but that's okay because once she updates, her icons usually vary from a lot of different series.

the rules.
Comment! Let us know how we're doing, which series you want more of, and if you like our icons. Comments make us happy~ ♥
Credit! We spent our time making these icons, so it would be nice if you give credit right?
✖ Blanks are not bases unless it says so otherwise, but that's unlikely since we don't usually make bases.
✖ Please don't hotlink. Save our photobucket bandwidth and upload them to your computer.

the affiliates

Interested? We're always looking for more.

the credits.
✖ Misha's credit list can be found here.
✖ Tanya's credit list can be found... whenever she makes one.

✖ Profile and banners are made by Misha and the layout stylesheet is from refuted.
✖ The userinfo banner features Tsunayoshi Sawada from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and the layout banner features ARIA, a wonderful series by Kozue Amano.